Commercial fitout project in Gnangara

Commercial Fitout – more than just a project!

With a diverse range of services, which include residential construction, insurance building, commercial cleaning and emergency repairs, a unique fitout was required. The project needing to fulfil:

● Office space for staff
● Warehouse storage of equipment
● Showroom product display

With any fitout project, maximising space is essential. A relatively small space transformed to provide a work environment for over 10 staff as well as ample storage space.

Taking it to a new level

Additional space was required to hit the requirements of this project. As a result, a mezzanine floor was added to the back left corner to create office space for another 4 staff. Engineering was done before the works to ensure the safety of the extension. Providing employees breathing room in their work environment is an important consideration for any commercial fitout.

Breaking it down

With the design created and approved, the entire area stripped, it was time to start building:

● Metal framing was done to market out walls both downstairs and upstairs
● Air-conditioning ducts were placed shortly after to allow for easy access pre gyprock
● Electrical completely wired through and in place
● Walls taking shape and complete with insulation for hot summer days
● Lighting, powerpoints and internet done
● Stairs are redone and carpeted, all upstairs remains as carpet
● Internal windows and complete glass office are installed by glaziers
● Ceiling is created with gyprock
● Fully functioning kitchen and two bathrooms are installed downstairs
● Racks are installed in the warehouse to create additional storage
● Entire project is completed with a final deep clean from a commercial cleaning team


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