How much does a home renovation cost?


Average home renovation cost in Perth

In Australia, over half of all renovations fall between $40’000 and $200’000 (Housing Industry Association, HIA). On average people renovate two rooms per project, with the most popular being the kitchen and bathroom. Cost factors include the type of rooms, number of rooms and level of renovation. A 4×2 home in Perth will cost on average, between $40’000 – $82’000. Here’s what you can expect based on three levels of quality:

Standard: $33’000 – $56’000
High-quality: $56’000 – $88’000
Luxury: $90’000+

Home renovation in Branksome gardens.

Cost by size

The size of your home will play an important role in the cost of your project. Greater room sizes means more materials and labour. To give you an idea, we’ve provided some cost ranges based on small, standard and large home renovations:

Small: $30’000 – $60’000
Standard: $50’000 – $90’000
Large: $90’000


There are dozens if not hundreds of options when it comes to materials and fixtures. Each range in quality and of course price. We suggest using Pinterest or going to a builder directly (they shouldn’t charge) for home renovation ideas. Below is a cost guidance for the various items you may consider for your home:

● Cabinetry: $2’000 – $20’000
● Bench top: $500 – $12’000
● Sink: $100 – $2’000
● Flooring: $300 – $20’000
● Fixtures: $300 – $10’000
● Splashback: $600 – $12’000
● Vanity: $150 – $2’500
● Tiling: $600 – $12’000
Shower: $750 – $2’500
Bathtub: $400 – $6’000
Toilet: $120 – $800
Mirror: $80 – $600
Paint: $150 – $400
Window coverings: $200 – $1’500
Ceilings: $500 – $1’500

Building outdoor renovation projects.
Home renovation planning.
Detailed planning of every element is key.

Design and layout

For any renovation, no matter the size or level of quality, changes to the layout will add serious costs. However these can add enormous value by perfecting original design errors and adding functionality. It’s very difficult to provide cost guidance for these changes. But expect costs to exceed the guidance ranges when making changes to:

● Walls
● Appliance positioning
● Benchtops
● Cabinetry

Understanding the costs

All types of renovations are a big investment for anyone. So, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting and why it costs as much as it does. Any building or renovation company you speak to, should be happy to give you an itemised cost break-down of all works involved (if they don’t, run).

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