How much does a kitchen renovation cost?


Average cost of a kitchen renovation

Before we begin, make no mistake, the kitchen is the most expensive room to renovate. The Housing Industry Association (HIA), places the average cost of a kitchen as part of a renovation, at around $26’000 in their latest study. In Perth however, the average kitchen renovation sits between $15’000 to $25’000. As a quick guide, we’ve set some price ranges based on the projects level of quality:

Standard: $10’000 – $20’000
High-quality: $20’000 – $30’000
Luxury: $35’000 +

Kitchen renovations with Hamptons style.

What labour do I need?

The kitchen is the most complex room requiring skilled trades to combine perfect functionality and beauty. If you’re looking for quality you can’t cut corners on the professionals either. A typical kitchen renovation will need the following, we’ve also added their hourly rates:

Designer: $90
Carpenter: $50 
Electrician: $90
Plumber: $80
Tiler: $50

Kitchen size

Bigger kitchens equal greater costs as you’ll be needing more materials and labour. We’ve costed kitchen renovations by size (m²), based on what we’ve seen in Perth.

● Small (Less than 10): $10’000 to $20’000
● Standard (10-20): $15’000 to $35’000
● Large: (20+): $35’000+


Using the existing room layout keeps costs down. That being said, making these types of changes can add enormous value by perfecting original design errors, adding functionality and value. Expect greater costs when it comes to changing the positioning of:

● Cabinetry
● Appliances
● Benchtops
● Power points

Kitchen renovations completed in Perth.
Completed kitchen renovation in Shelley.

Materials and fixtures

The style/quality of your materials and finishes will play a big role in the final cost. There are dozens of options here, so we’ve costed the most important elements (excluding installation). Prices range from standard quality, to high-end luxury items:

Cabinetry: $2’000 – $20’000
Bench top: $500 – $12’000
Sink: $100 – $2’000
Flooring: $300 – $20’000
Fixtures: $300 – $10’000
Tiling: $600 – $12’000


If you’re breathing new life into your kitchen, it’s likely you’ll want the same for your appliances. And as with materials, you get a load of options. Here’s the essential kitchen appliances and their price ranges:

Fridge: $450 – $13’000
Cooktop: $350 – $7’000
Rangehood: $150 – $7’500
Microwave: $130 – $3’500
Oven: $500 – $15’000
Dishwasher: $500 – $3’000

Compact kitchen renovation.

Understanding the costs

All types of renovations are a big investment for anyone. So, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting and why it costs as much as it does. Any building or renovation company you speak to, should be happy to give you an itemised cost break-down of all works involved (if they don’t, run).

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