Rebuilding Karratha, the story 8 months on


Tropical Cyclone Damien

On the 8th of February 2020, the Pilbara coast in Western Australia was struck by Tropical Cyclone Damien. The city of Karratha bore the brunt of the category 3 cyclone, with winds in excess of 200km/h and over 140mm of rain in the first 24 hours. Mother nature was truly devastating, causing widespread flooding and structural damage across the area.

"It will take some time. This is not a one- or two-day fix, this will take weeks and/or months to get everything up and going again.”

Chris Adams, Chief Executive City of Karratha
Re-roof in Karratha as a result of cyclone damage.
Roof replacement for insurance project.

Planning is key

With the sheer scope of damage across the region, planning by both insurance and building companies was key to executing timely repairs. The major challenge in such circumstances, is keeping residents in their homes during the building process. A customised solution by builders at claim level helps minimise disruptions caused by the repair process.

Building companies are also instrumental in making assessments that identify defects in the design of client’s assets. Where possible, building improves the integrity of structures and supports a design that reduces similar future issues. Such assessments are critical in high-risk cyclone areas such as Karratha. Processes like this help alleviate the stress and fears associated with living in such areas.

“Building in WA's North requires great care in meeting structural building codes. The area falls into Australia Wind Region D - severe Cyclonic. Meaning all work is designed, built and inspected under rigorous standards far higher than any other region."

Ramadan Abas, Managing Director of Presidential Group

Rebuilding a city

When it comes to rebuilding of any kind, the focus is on speed and the return of asset value. Getting individuals, families and business owners back into their assets quickly, without compromising quality, underpins the repair process.

Over the last 8 months, the team at Presidential have completed construction projects on over 180 homes in Karratha and over 250 in the North West region. The 25+ strong team completing a range of repairs, including ensuring site safety and the reduction of further damage risks. Some of these projects include:

● Major structural re-roofing
● Non-structural interior and exterior repairs
● Rebuilding of patio and shed structures
● Emergency Makesafe and restoration services

Fence damage as a result of Cyclone Damien.

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