45-year old home doubles in value


Assessing value

Homeowners assess value in two ways, financially and sentimentally. While emotional value is difficult to measure, it includes:

● Added functionality or beauty
● Particularly valuable to owners planning to make use of the home for years to come

Assessing the financial value of a renovation project is far easier. Real estate agents and property valuations can provide an assessment of the financial value that changes to:

● A single room
● Complete home
● Or any extension and other building project

Whether you’re looking to add functionality, a breath of fresh air or asset value, a renovation project can achieve all three simultaneously.

Bathroom reno completed in Parmelia.
Bathroom before work in Parmelia.

“When you’re executing a renovation of this size, speed without the compromise of quality is of the utmost importance. Homeowners are rarely able to live in their home for the majority of the project. That’s why the planning stage is critical for project management to streamline the process, reducing the time and cost of separate accommodation.”

Ramadan Abas, Managing Director


The message from the customer was clear from day one, they wanted to maximise the value of their home for the purpose of selling. By making a dramatic statement both inside and out, the property was to be completely transformed with neutral grey colours in a truly modern 2020 style.

Together with the customer, every detail of the project was identified down to the last cabinet, fixture and finish. This attention to detail in the planning stage allows project management to schedule all supplies and labour into the timeline like clockwork.

A finished kitchen renovation as a part of a complete home renovation project.

Renovation breakdown

The teams, managed by the Construction Manager, added expert support to the project, including:

Carpenter: Demolition of home interior, installation of new doors and locks.
Glazier: Installation of shower screens, bathroom mirrors and windows.
Painter: Complete painting of the entire home inside and out.
Plasterer: Sandpaper finish on the external render.
Plumber: Installation of all new tapware, toilet, stove and oven.
Stone mason: Cutting and installation of stone benchtop.
Gardener: Landscaping and general gardening.
Flooring: Wood floor removal and installation of grey laminate planks.
Tiler: All tiling work for the bathroom, laundry and kitchen.
Cabinet maker: Kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe cabinetry installation.
Gyprocker: Gyprocking/plasterboard of new ceilings including cornices.

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