Residential Painting



Benefit from a painting team with diverse industry experience and a commitment to outstanding results. Delivering solutions to a range of residential properties across Western Australia.

From colour consultation to preparation and execution, you always receive a professional and personalised service. 

Bedroom painted in Parmelia.
Painting completed in Parmelia.

Colour consultation

We welcome all customers to discuss any colours, ideas and concepts. Our colour consultants have considerable experience in designing colour schemes for a range of residential property styles and types as well as matching existing paint. Making sure selections deliver the best finish for the requirements of the space.

A detailed plan including all specifications is then created to eliminate errors and any potential ambiguity. 

Services for colour design.

Painting that lasts

When it comes to painting, preparation is critical to a finish that stands the test of time. That’s why our team spends considerable time preparing each surface for the highest quality finish. Done correctly, a coat of paint exterior on an surface can last up to 10 years, with interiors lasting even longer.

That’s why designing the right colour palette with a professional finish is key.  

This home has been freshly painted.

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