Education cleaning


20+ years education cleaning experience
COVID certified teams
Commitment to eco-friendly solutions
Detailed & transparent digital reporting
Education cleaning with quality.
Highest quality standards for every project.

Benefit from over 20 years experience in the local commercial cleaning industry. Routinely delivering high-quality education cleaning solutions across Perth. Highly experienced teams manage cleaning projects with professionalism and efficiency. That’s why we’ve managed to retain many high-profile clients for over a decade.

A custom solution

Your facility requires a custom assessment of its operations, budget and needs. Working closely with each of our clients, a cost-effective solution is created minimising disruptions and maximising value. All staff members are qualified, background checked and certified to project requirements. By retaining teams that share our passion for excellence, we routinely deliver above and beyond expectations. Fortnightly reporting schedules highlight the complete scope of work, which is continually audited for quality and efficiency.

Licenses and certifications

The following licenses and certifications are implemented to protect people, materials and assets:

● Member of the Cleaning Council of WA
● Public Liability Insurance
● Workers Compensation Insurance

School cleaning services in action.
Leaving your property in perfect condition.

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