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Asbestos became popular because it was durable, fire-resistant, and had good insulation properties. Asbestos-made materials such as; cement as well as plastic increased their popularity in the construction industry. Exposure or breathing in asbestos fibers can cause chronic lung cancer.

As a result of rising health risks, asbestos production stopped in the 1980s. Manufacturing as well as the importation of Asbestos ceased in December 2003. Asbestos cement products pose minimal health risks if left undisturbed and in good condition. However, the Department of Health recommends all property owners take precautions if renovating, removing, or cleaning properties built pre-1990 to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres.

Asbestos removal in progress in Perth.


For residential and commercial properties, Presidential holds a restricted asbestos removal license. We provide Immediate emergency response as well as provide an instant property assessment. Firstly, our team will secure the area and analyse the material. Next, our team will test the Asbestos and lastly, we will contain dangerous materials. Presidential’s trusted network of professionals has considerable experience in testing and removing asbestos. With a risk assessment process in place, we guarantee the safety of homeowners, staff, and the public.


Project managers and qualified teams use established software that enables prompt response as well as accurate reporting.  Real-time reporting speeds up the process for insurance providers.

Example of asbestos tiles.

licensed and insured

The following licenses and insurances are implemented to protect people, materials, and assets:

  • Restricted Asbestos License: WR749
  • Builders Registration: BC103023
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
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