Asbestos removal


Officially banned in 2003, there are a wide variety of building materials containing asbestos. Improper handling of asbestos is illegal and can be extremely hazardous. We employ a trusted network of asbestos professionals with considerable experience in testing, containing and removing asbestos.

Asbestos removal in progress in Perth.

Our solution

Immediate emergency response providing assessment, testing and containment of possible hazardous materials. A rapid testing process ensures all material(s) are removed quickly and efficiently. Have confidence and reassurance when you deal with a qualified and professional organisation.

Professional services

● Qualified teams and project managers
● Established software enables prompt response and accurate reporting
● Real-time reporting speeds up the process for insurance providers

Example of asbestos tiles.

Licensed and insured

The following licenses and insurances are implemented to protect people, materials and assets:

● Restricted Asbestos License: WR749
● Builders Registration: BC103023
● Public Liability Insurance
● Workers Compensation Insurance

Need asbestos removal?

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