Plumbing isolation


Plumbing Isolation is usually only required for two main reasons such as; water or gas isolation. Any leaks associated with plumbing can cause considerable damage and safety risks to buildings as well as occupants. 

water leaks

Isolation will be required if a leak has occurred within a property or planned plumbing work is in progress. A water leak can be dangerous when left unattended and not dealt with as soon as it is detected. Leaks can cause excessive damage within a property as well as become a more costly exercise to fix down the track. For all water leak situations, call Presidential Emergency Services at 0432 359 129 and stay outside the property until our Emergency team arrives.

Damage caused by no plumbing isolation.

Gas leaks

Gas is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous substances in a house. As it is extremely flammable, a gas leak can quickly become dangerous to occupants as well as surrounding properties.

In the case of a gas leak, we recommend locating the source of the smell and opening windows for better ventilation. Immediately switch the gas handle in the property meter box from ON to OFF. Proceed to call Presidential Emergency Services on 0432 359 129 and stay outside the property until our Emergency team arrives.

Gas leak detection

Our Solution

Immediate emergency response providing assessment, plumbing isolation and temporary repairs to prevent further damage. The assessment is put through expert project management processes that manage the complete permanent reconstruction. We employ a trusted network of trade professionals with considerable experience dealing with emergency situations, providing cost-effective methods for securing your property.

Have confidence and reassurance when you deal with a single organisation and point of contact throughout the repair process. Since 2012, Presidential Group has helped a wide range of residential and commercial customers with plumbing isolation in Perth and WA. 

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