Collapsed ceilings



Has your ceiling collapsed? Whether it be from emergency impact or inevitable circumstances, Presidential Emergency is here to assist. Collapsed ceilings are not planned and usually need an immediate response. Minor sagging and discoloration can result in dangerous collapsed ceilings. 

Any weakening in the ceiling structure poses a health and safety risk to occupants. Unfortunately, sagging ceilings are unavoidable. Sagging ceilings can be the result of gravity, age, or poor structure. The earlier a sagging ceiling is recognised, the cost for repairs is cheaper and safer for the occupant.

Alternatively, collapsed ceilings can also be the cause of an unforeseen accident. 

Collapsed ceiling repair.

our solution

Available 24/7, our team can respond within as little as 1 hour and make it safe within 4 hours. We employ a trusted network of trade professionals with considerable experience dealing with emergencies, providing cost-effective methods for securing properties and buildings.

Our Immediate emergency response includes an assessment, temporary repair and restoration of collapsed ceilings. The assessment is an expert project management process to manage the permanent reconstruction. 

Have confidence as well as reassurance when you deal with a single organisation and point of contact throughout the repair process.

Major collapsed ceiling.,

Professional Services

  • Project managers and qualified teams use established software that enables prompt response as well as accurate reporting.  Real-time reporting speeds up the process for insurance providers.

Licensed & insured

The following licenses and insurances are implemented to protect people, materials as well as assets:

  1. Builders Registration: BC103023
  2. Public Liability Insurance
  3. Workers Compensation Insurance
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